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The 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey Details Page will be available in August for ASCs that submit a 2021 Survey by July 31. Until then, 2020 Survey Results are displayed on the ASC Details Page. 



The 2021 ASC Details Page is a secure webpage that can be accessed directly from the Survey Dashboard after logging in with your 16-digit security code.

In August, the ASC Details Page will updated for ASCs that submit a 2021 Survey by July 31. 

The 2021 ASC Details Page contains scored and/or publicly reported information from each section of the 2020 Leapfrog ASC Survey:

  • Section 1: Basic Facility Information
  • Section 2: Medical, Surgical, and Clinical Staff
  • Section 3: Volume and Safety of Procedures
  • Section 4: Patient Safety Practices
  • Section 5: Patient Experience

ASCs that submit a 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey by the July 31 Submission Deadline will see their 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey Results displayed on Leapfrog's public reporting website in August. After August, Survey Results will be refreshed within the first 5 business days of each month to reflect Surveys submitted or re-submitted between August 1 and November 30, and previously submitted Surveys that are corrected by January 31. Survey Results are frozen then from February to July 25.

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