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The 2023 Leapfrog ASC Survey Details Page was published on July 12 for ASCs that submitted a Survey by June 30.  




On July 12, the ASC Details Page was updated for ASCs that submitted a 2023 Leapfrog ASC Survey by June 30. The ASC Details Page contains scoring information for 2023 Leapfrog ASC Survey submissions, including:

  • Section 3C: Patient Follow-up (CMS Measures ASC-17 and ASC-18 new in 2023)
  • Section 3D: Informed Consent (new in 2023)
  • Section 4D: National Quality Forum (NQF) Safe Practices (Safe Practice #4 – Risks and Hazards new in 2023)

2023 Leapfrog ASC Survey Results will be published on July 25 for ASCs that submitted a Survey by June 30. After July, Survey Results will be refreshed within the first 5 business days of each month to reflect Surveys submitted or re-submitted between July 1 and November 30, and previously submitted Surveys that are corrected by January 31. Survey Results are then frozen from February to July 25. 

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