Free Benchmarking Reports

Leapfrog's free 2024 Leapfrog ASC Survey Benchmarking Reports will be sent to ASCs that submit a 2024 Leapfrog ASC Survey by August 31. 

This report makes it easy to compare your ASCs performance on Leapfrog’s nationally standardized measures of safety and quality to that of other ASCs, as well as HOPDs. The report includes a summary of overall performance on the Survey, detailed information on each of the measures, and the appendix includes surgical volume benchmarks. 

Performance against benchmarks outlined in this report is not publicly reported by Leapfrog, but ASCs may choose to share this information internally to engage staff and leadership, and to identify areas of excellence and areas for improvement. 

Reports will be sent via email to the Administrator, Primary Survey Contact, and Second Survey Contact listed in the Profile section of the Online Survey Tool. To ensure you don't miss your report, please keep your contact information current in the Profile section of the Online Survey Tool. 

Example of Summary Performance on Billing Ethics:


Example of Summary Performance on Informed Consent:



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