Updating Your Survey

Updating or Correcting a Previously Submitted 2024 Leapfrog ASC Survey 

Facilities can update or correct previously submitted Survey responses at any point during the Survey Cycle (April 1 – November 30). Please review the Deadlines page.

Most updates or corrections are made:

  • At the request of Leapfrog:
    • Following Leapfrog’s Extensive Monthly Data Verification, the Primary Survey Contact, Secondary Survey Contact, and Affiliation or Management Company Survey Contact will receive an email from the Help Desk detailing potential reporting errors
  • Following On-Site Data Verification:
    • Facilities selected for On-Site Data Verification will receive a report which will indicate any responses that need to be updated or corrected. 
  • At the discretion of the ASC:
    • To correct a data entry or reporting error
    • To reflect a change in status or performance on a measure (e.g., stopped performing a procedure or implemented a new policy)
    • To provide more current responses based on the reporting periods outlined in the hard copy of the Survey


Updating a Survey after Receiving a Help Desk Email or Following On-Site Data Verification

Leapfrog conducts Extensive Monthly Data Verification of responses submitted to the Leapfrog ASC Survey starting with Surveys submitted by the June 30 Submission Deadline and monthly thereafter until the Online ASC Survey Tool is taken offline on January 31. Following the Extensive Monthly Data Verification, the Primary Survey Contact, Secondary Survey Contact, and the Affiliation or Management Company Contact are notified by email of any Survey responses that need to be reviewed and/or updated by the facility.

If you receive a Data Verification email, you are required to document that your original responses were correct or update/correct your previously submitted Leapfrog ASC Survey by the end of the month using the original reporting period that was used for that section of the Survey in the original submission. For example, if a facility submitted a Survey for the first time on August 20, 2024, and then received a Data Verification email at the beginning of September, they would update their responses based on the reporting period used in the August 20, 2024 submission.

Facilities that receive a Category A Data Verification message at the beginning of the month for any measure will have until the end of that same month to contact the Help Desk to either (1) document that the original response was correct or (2) correct the data entry or reporting error, or they will be publicly reported as “Pending Leapfrog Verification” for that measure. This term is used to indicate that the facility has self-reported Survey responses that are under further review by Leapfrog.

If any Category A Data Verification messages are not resolved by January 31 (when the Online ASC Survey Tool is taken offline), the entire Survey will be decertified, and all measures will be publicly reported as “Declined to Respond.”


Updating a Survey following On-Site Data Verification

Facilities that are selected for On-Site Data Verification will receive a findings report. If the findings report details any responses that need to be updated or corrected, please contact the Help Desk


Making General Updates to the Survey (for ASCs that have not received a Help Desk Email)

Leapfrog offers facilities multiple reporting periods so that they can report the most current data. Except for Section 3C: Patient Follow-up, and Section 4B: NHSN Outpatient Procedure Component Module, updating a Survey is optional. However, we do recommend that if your performance or if a structure has changed significantly, you update your Survey within 30 days. In addition, facilities should update their Surveys if they become aware of any reporting errors or data inaccuracies in their previous submission.

Facilities may update one or more sections of the Survey without updating the entire Survey.

General updates and corrections can be made at any point during the Survey Cycle (April 1 – November 30). The months of December and January are reserved for data entry corrections (i.e., correcting data entry errors) or reporting corrections (i.e., in response to Leapfrog’s Extensive Monthly Data Verification) to previously submitted sections of the Survey. Any updates made to reflect a change in performance must be made prior to the November 30 Late Submission and Performance Update Deadline. Updates made to reflect a change in performance after November 30 will not be scored or publicly reported.

ASCs that are submitting general updates should:

  • Use the stated reporting period at the top of each section selected based on the date of your resubmission.

For information on Leapfrog’s automatic updates to Section 4B NHSN Outpatient Procedure Component Module or the CMS measures in Section 3C, please review the Join NHSN Group page, and the Section 3C Patient Follow-up Measure Specifications.

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