Proposed Changes to the 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey

A central part of Leapfrog’s annual Survey process is our Public Comment period. Held each fall, ASCs and other stakeholders are urged to review the proposed changes to the upcoming Survey and provide formal comments to Leapfrog, our research team at Johns Hopkins, and our national expert panel. The comments received during the public comment period are reviewed and used to refine the Survey before it is finalized.

The Leapfrog Group, its Board of Directors, Regional Leaders, and purchaser members would like to thank those ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) that participated in the 2019 and 2020 Leapfrog ASC Surveys. Facilities that participated have demonstrated their commitment to transparency and are now better prepared to participate in the 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey. As a result of your participation in the Survey, consumers, payers, and purchasers are now able to compare the safety and quality of ASCs and hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) using a comparable and standardized set of national patient safety and quality measures.

In recognition of the fact that more than 60 percent of surgeries in the United States are being performed in hospital outpatient departments or ASCs, Leapfrog launched both the Leapfrog ASC Survey and the Outpatient Procedures section of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey on April 1, 2019. The Outpatient Procedures section and the Leapfrog ASC Survey closely align to provide purchasers and consumers with information to compare the same procedure, whether offered at a hospital or an ASC. The Survey questions were developed by national experts, extensively tested with ASCs and HOPDs, and include information on basic facility resources, medical, surgical and clinical staff, volume and safety of procedures, patient safety practices, and patient experience.

The Proposed Changes to the 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey focus on two main areas: updates to the questions included on the Survey and proposed new measures for inclusion on the Survey. The Proposed Changes are based on feedback from participating ASCs, an analysis of 2020 Survey responses, and recommendations from our research team and national expert panel.

The public comment period (November 19 – December 18) for the Proposed Changes to the 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey has closed.

View the proposed changes to the 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey (PDF)

Final changes to the 2021 Leapfrog ASC Survey will be posted prior to April 1.


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