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The Leapfrog Hospital Survey, Leapfrog’s hallmark public reporting initiative, was launched in 2001 and is now in its ninth version, v8.0. The Leapfrog Hospital Survey is divided into 10 sections:



The profile section includes questions about demographic and contact information. The profile section can be accessed and updated anytime throughout the year by logging into the Survey Dashboard with your hospital’s security code.

Section 1: Basic Hospital Information

Section 1 includes questions about your hospital’s bed size, admissions, teaching status, and ICUs operated.

Section 2: Medication Safety - Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Section 2 includes questions about your hospital’s use of CPOE to prevent medication ordering errors and adverse drug events. This section also includes the CPOE Evaluation Tool.

Section 3: Inpatient Surgery

Section 3 includes questions about your hospital and surgeon volume for eight high-risk procedures and surgical appropriateness criteria to prevent unnecessary procedures.

Section 4: Maternity Care

Section 4 includes questions about elective delivery, cesarean birth, episiotomy, newborn bilirubin screening and DVT prophylaxis for women undergoing cesarean section. The section also includes questions about high-risk deliveries including volume, outcomes, and the administration of antenatal steroids.

Section 5: ICU Physician Staffing (IPS)

Section 5 includes questions about the staffing structure of your hospital’s pediatric and adult general medical and/or surgical ICUs and neuro ICUs.

Section 6: NQF Safe Practices

Section 6 includes questions about your hospital’s adherence to five National Quality Forum-endorsed Safe Practices. In 2019, a new standard on Hand Hygiene Practices is included. This subsection (6F) is optional and will not be publicly reported in 2019.

Section 7: Managing Serious Errors

Section 7 includes questions about your hospital’s response to Never Events. In addition, Leapfrog collects information via its NHSN Group about five healthcare-associated infections (CLABSI, CAUTI, MRSA, C.Diff, and SSI Colon) and antibiotic stewardship practices. 

Hospitals reporting on Section 7B Healthcare-Associated Infections and Section 7C Antibiotic Stewardship Practices are required to join Leapfrog’s NHSN Group. Important information and deadlines available on the Join NHSN Group webpage

Section 8: Medication Safety

Section 8 includes questions about additional processes your hospital has in place to prevent medication errors, including barcode medication administration and medication reconciliation. 

Section 9: Pediatric Care

Section 9 includes questions about patient experience (CAHPS Child Hospital Survey) and Computed Tomography (CT) radiation dose.

Section 10: Outpatient Procedures 

Section 10 is new in 2019 and includes questions about same day procedures performed in hospital outpatient departments. This section is optional and will not be scored or publicly reported by facility in 2019. Leapfrog plans to aggregate responses submitted to this section of the Survey along with responses submitted to Leapfrog’s first ASC Survey and publish a national report. 


Section 1 Basic Hospital Information, as well as Section 2 CPOE, Section 4 Maternity Care, Section 5 ICU Physician Staffing, or Section 6 NQF Safe Practices are required in order to submit a Survey via the Online Hospital Survey Tool. Hospitals are strongly urged to submit all sections of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey that are applicable to their facility.

In addition to the Survey questions, adult hospitals that indicate they have a CPOE system in at least one inpatient unit are asked to demonstrate, via a test, that the inpatient CPOE system can alert physicians to at least 60% of frequent serious medication errors known to cause harm to patients. Adult hospitals cannot access the CPOE Evaluation Tool until they have submitted Sections 1 Basic Hospital Information and 2 Medication Safety - CPOE of the Online Survey Tool. Carefully review the information on the Prepare for a CPOE Tool webpage.

Any changes made to the measure specifications after April 1st will be reflected in the hard copy of the Survey in the Reference Information sections under the ‘Change Summary’ header. In addition, the updates to the specifications will be highlighted in yellow. If the changes are substantial, we will email the primary Survey contact your hospital indicated in the profile section of the Survey. If the notification is sent before your hospital submits a 2019 Leapfrog Hospital Survey, the email will go to the primary Survey contact provided in the last Survey submitted in the 2018 Survey cycle.  

The Leapfrog Group and its participating members are committed to presenting information that is as current as possible and therefore we allow hospitals to update and resubmit their Survey until November 30. Please carefully review the reporting periods in each section before updating your Survey. Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results are updated monthly beginning on July 25 on Leapfrog’s public website. Hospitals are required to update the information in their Survey within 30 days of any change in status. We reserve the right to decertify information that is not current.

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