Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Any adult hospital (includes general and specialty) that submits a 2023 Leapfrog Hospital Survey will be able to access and complete the application.

How do I sign up for more information?

Sign up for email updates to receive more information about the program and to be notified when the application is available here.

What will be assessed?

The application will include questions that measure care on admission to the hospital, during the hospital stay, and at discharge. Measures will assess a broad range of quality indicators and include things like, performance of an A1C test on admitted patients, proper assessment prior to surgery for patients with diabetes, encouraging patient self-management using their own insulin pumps, policies for proper management of insulin when in the hospital, access to trained diabetes care and education specialists, and comprehensive discharge planning. This information will be coupled with applicable measures from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, as well as the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, for those eligible.

What patients are included?

All adult patients seeking inpatient care that are living with diabetes are included. This also includes those that visit the hospital for care other than the treatment of their diabetes.

When will the materials and online application be available?

Hospitals can review the application materials starting in the fall in advance of the online application which will be available in November.

What is the deadline for the application?

The deadline to submit the application will be January 15, 2024.

When will the recognition be awarded?

The recognition will first be awarded in spring 2024.

How will hospitals be recognized?

A badge will be given to only the top performers and displayed on Leapfrog’s public reporting website, Hospitals that do not meet the criteria will not be identified.

This accolade will also be available for license by facilities, with generated revenue used to support program costs.

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