Judie Burrows Education Institute Webinars and Videos

The Leapfrog Judie Burrows Education Institute is the educational arm of Leapfrog and offers transformational educational programming that advances patient safety and empowers real, measurable progress. These webinars are designed to educate employers on how to get the best care for their employees, educate health providers on the latest in safety standards, and educate the public on how this all impacts them.

Picture of Differences in Patient Safety Events by Race and Ethnicity: Leapfrog's Enhanced Lives and Dollars Lost Calculator

Many employers currently use Leapfrog’s free calculator to estimate the price they pay—in lost lives and excess costs—for medical errors made in hospitals. This panel explored Leapfrog’s new update to the calculator, estimating harm by race and ethnicity.

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Picture of Preparing for Your Procedure Patient Education Video Series

Going into the hospital can be a daunting task, but preparation is key. Do your research with the Hospital Safety Grade and be an engaged patient with these helpful resources from the Judie Burrows Education Institute. 

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Picture of Patient Safety Educational Video Series

These videos highlight steps patients can take to stay safe in the hospital and also offer an overview of patient safety and how to use the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade.

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Picture of CAA Compliance Webinar Series

Learn about your CAA responsibilities in the Leapfrog CAA Compliance Webinar Series. Join us for tips and tools for getting started from our series partners: the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.

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Picture of Diagnostic Safety and Quality Webinar Series

Leapfrog's webinar series reviews what diagnostic errors are and how they affect care in hospitals, describes resources available to hospitals to make an immediate impact on their quality of care, and provides an opportunity to learn from hospitals that have made tremendous progress on their journey to reduce diagnostic errors. 

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Picture of Leapfrog ASC Survey Webinars

Throughout the year, Leapfrog will host free Town Hall Calls to provide ASCs and other stakeholders background information about the content of the Leapfrog ASC Survey.

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Picture of Leapfrog Hospital Survey Webinars

Throughout the year, Leapfrog will host Town Hall Calls to provide hospitals and other stakeholders background information about the content of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. 

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