CAA Compliance Webinar Series

Many employers don't realize that the new Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), a federal law, is now in effect and has a seismic shift on their liability. For the first time, employers and other purchasers, not TPAs, are on the hook for health benefits that are cost-effective, high quality, and meet mental health parity and pharmacy benefit requirements.

Learn about your CAA responsibilities in the Leapfrog CAA Compliance Webinar Series. Join us for tips and tools for getting started from our series partners: the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.

Upcoming Webinars


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Past Webinars

Session 6: ERISA Law and Health Care Quality


Accompanying resources from the July 19, 2023 webinar:

White Paper: The CAA and Health Care Quality

Session 5: Mental Health Parity Requirements 

Accompanying resources from the December 16, 2022 webinar:

Fiduciary Oversight in Light of Mental Health Access Challenges 


Session 4: Broker/Consultant Compensation Re-Evaluation 

Accompanying resources from the June 21, 2022 webinar:

Session 3: Pharmacy Benefit Compliance

Accompanying resources from the March 29, 2022 webinar:


Session 2: Mental Health Parity

Accompanying resources from the January 25, 2022 webinar:


Session 1: Your CAA Fiduciary Responsibility

Accompanying resources from the December 14, 2021 webinar:


Please contact Jill Berger, Director of Employer and Payor Relations, with questions or for more information. 

The Consolidated Appropriations Act Webinar Series is a program of the Judie Burrows Education Institute. To learn more about Leapfrog's educational programming or to contribute, please visit


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