Leapfrog Value-Based Purchasing Program

The Leapfrog Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program helps health plans, employers, and other purchasers identify the highest value hospitals in individual markets and across the country, based on results of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. And now, for the first time, employers of any size can use the Leapfrog VBP Program for Self-Insured Entities in their quest for value.

The Leapfrog VBP Program has earned a Validation Seal from the Validation Institute, demonstrating its impact and effectiveness for purchasers.The program can be implemented quickly by self-insured employers both large and small, health plans, third-party administrators, and more. The program makes it simple to identify hospitals that have attained top performance or made significant improvement from one year to the next, and provides a transparent and effective payment methodology to drive further improvements.

How the Leapfrog VBP Program helps plans achieve value


The only requirement of hospitals is to participate in the annual Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Leapfrog applies its VBP Program methodology to Survey Results and gives each facility an overall VBP Value Score. The VBP Value Score can be used to rank the hospitals and set benchmarks for financial awards or incentives, such as awarding the highest reimbursement rate to hospitals scoring in the top decile. Performance can also be assessed by domain, such as maternity care or medication safety, and by measure, such as C-section rate or hand hygiene performance.

View a sample Leapfrog VBP Program report and contact us for a sample Value File.

The Leapfrog VBP Program packs some unique features:

  • National and Local
    Hospitals are benchmarked regionally, within networks, and nationally.
  • No-Nonsense and Hassle-Free
    Simple and quick implementation using a predetermined methodology that relies on results of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey as the single data source, minimizing hospital burden.
  • Engaging
    Involves hospitals by providing a performance assessment framework that enables payers and purchasers to discuss quality and safety performance with hospital leaders and set specific goals for improvement.
  • Sound Science
    Evidence-based, nationally standardized measure set.
  • Flexible
    Can be adapted for use by large or small purchasers, TPAs, health plans, or brokers.
  • Clear Results
    Calculates six VBP Domain Scores on key elements of performance – medication safety, inpatient care management, infections, maternity care, inpatient surgery, and pediatric care – as well as an overall VBP Value Score for each hospital.
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