How Transparency Vendors Can Use Leapfrog Data

Many of the leading transparency vendors utilize Leapfrog data in their platforms that assist consumers in making informed health care choices.

Rates of C-section, mortality rates for high risk procedures and implementation of practices to prevent medication errors are all powerful snapshots of hospital performance that help users recognize they do have a choice when it comes to hospital care.

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, Leapfrog's letter grade rating of hospital safety, provides an easy-to-understand and instant assessment of hospital safety.

How does Leapfrog data enhance the tools offered by transparency vendors?

  • Easily integrates with cost data to show which hospitals offer the best value for consumers
  • Shares the data purchasers want their employees to know
  • Helps health plans highlight hospitals where they want to steer their members
  • Illustrates which hospitals are transparent about their performance on quality and safety metrics
  • Makes it easier for users to choose a hospital
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