Health Plan Users Group

The Health Plan Users Group brings together Leapfrog employers who have significant business relationships with major national health plan carriers and representatives from those plans to collaborate and develop strategies to provide employers with products that will address Leapfrog’s purchasing principles. Our members work with these health plans to develop goals and evaluation criteria, scorecards, and best practices that aim to assess each health plan’s progress toward implementation of the purchasing principles.

These goals and criteria, as well as the Scorecard results, form the basis of ongoing Leapfrog Health Plan Users Group discussions with national plans. Leapfrog members and Regional Leaders have access to detailed scorecards through their member portal, and use this information in their health care purchasing decisions.

Each plan has also submitted a Performance Dashboard, showing their achievement in steering admissions to hospitals reporting to and doing well on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. The Dashboards are available below.


2019 Health Plan Users Group Scorecard Summary

2019 Aetna Dashboard

2019 Anthem Dashboard 

2019 Cigna Dashboard

2019 Health Net of California Dashboard

Note: United did not submit a 2019 dashboard or scorecard 


Health plans looking to access the detailed plan scorecard should contact Jill Berger at

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