Regional Leaders

“Implementing The Leapfrog Group's purchasing principles...has been the most powerful tool employers have had to facilitate change in the Memphis market in the last decade.” 

- Cristie Travis, Memphis Business Group on Health

Since 2001, Leapfrog has relied on a network of employer coalitions, individual purchasers, and consumer advocacy organizations to act as "Leapfrog on the ground" in achieving its mission of making hospitals more transparent. Our 32 Regional Leaders can be found across the country, representing employers and purchasers from all different markets. 

Regional Leaders work with local employers and purchasers to activate their communities around patient safety and high-value care. The organizations routinely partner with employers to coordinate quality improvement initiatives, craft decision-support tools for patients, build better benefits design and tiering, and recognize top-performing hospitals in their community. 

But the work of Regional Leaders starts even more simply: by asking purchasers and other stakeholders to sign on to their annual letters asking hospitals to report to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. When purchasers use their leverage to advocate for transparency in our health care system, it has a remarkable effect.

Help us foster high-value care.

It is because of the powerful voice of employers and purchasers that we can drive real change in communities across the country. With Regional Leaders operating in 38 states, we encourage you join your local coalition, or partner with other purchasers in your area to become a Regional Leader.



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